CONFESSION: I was a lazy feminist.

“Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights.” – HRC

Being raised by a strong woman and a part of a New York liberal Jewish (reform) family, it’s no surprise that feminism was never something I had to find within myself, because we all just were. Yep. It was that simple.

Childhood heroes included women I wanted to be and learn more about, like Sally Ride, Rosa Parks, the Spice Girls, Elizabeth Blackwell, Lisa Bonet, the Golden Girls, and all witches burned at the stake.

When I thought I wanted to be in advertising, I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology, I joked it was my version of a sorority mixed with Smith College. It didn’t take long for me to realize that public service was actually my calling though. As a former city employee in the melting pot of NYC, I defined public service as constituent services and transparent governing & elections.

As weird as it sounds, it never dawned on me that I could be identifying myself as a feminist and have been weaving it into my existence all along in more than a “girl power” way.

My story is not at all unique when I cite 2016 as a huge wake up call.

I am constantly haunted by what most white women in this country did not do in 2016. And it’s horrifying. That it why these past two years have been monumental for me (not to repeat myself, but clearly this is not a one-of-a-kind tale). I march. In support all women in every way I can. All issues are women issues.

So, I guess I’m a former lazy feminist. **

And why am I doing this (this=blog)? Um, unsure. It feels right during this transitional time in my personal life into a full blown adult (how v millennial of me), and this (hopefully) transitional time as a country. Worst case scenario, it’s a platform for me to express my thoughts and help my mental well-being. Best case scenario, others feel the same way and tolerate my writing. ***

** I’m still a very lazy human being in general though. Let’s not get that confused. ‘Netflix and chill’ is more like ‘Netflix and don’t leave my couch for 13 hours’ to me. I even abbrev the word abbreviation. 

***Unlike the wonderfully talented and interesting Bad Feminist Roxanne Gay, I am not a professional writer — please, PLEASE hold your shock.

photograph: © Jason Leiva // filter: Tezza app


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